:: Uniqueness Sidoarjo’s Batik Kampong (Village) ::

Batik's Mural by Afrinaldi Zulhen

Batik is an uniqueness of Indonesian culture. Since announced as Masterpieces of The Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity at October 2nd, 2009 by UNESCO, the prestige of batik getting bloom, moreover, several institution and company in Indonesia use it as special uniform on particular workdays. The hope to see rapid growth of batik industry come-up again after crushed by monetary crisis on 1998. This is my short story about batik heritage in Sidoarjo City, one of major city in East Java. It is an ironic, after 21st year I lived in Sidoarjo, I just realized there is a traditional batik’s kampong (village) in this city. The name of kampong is “Kampong Batik Jetis”, and it is located on Jetis Road, Sidoarjo City. The kampong is not so far from Sidoarjo Railway Station, therefore it is not too difficult to reach by

Canting by Afrinaldi Zulhen

visitors. Inside this kampong, we will find an extraordinary atmosphere of the old township. Antique architecture combined with huge windows and old furniture fashioning this kampong. The people are also very friendly and warm with the visitors.

Garuda Wings by Afrinaldi Zulhen

According to trusted source, batik has been rose since 1600’s as well as Mataram Sultanate in Yogyakarta. At that time, Mataram extend their reign from inland into North Java coastal, included Sidoarjo and Surabaya. That’s why, perhaps, the color of Sidoarjo’s batik is very dominant with strong red, yellow, black, blue, or green leaf. Those kinds color have a courage symbol as well as representative of coastal people’s resistance towards Mataram Sultanate.

Back the story, there are batik workshops which organized by several family in this kampong,

Batik's Uniform by Afrinaldi Zulhen

such as Batik Amri Jaya and Batik Rochmad. Mostly, the batik business successor in those family has entered into the third generation, it means that, they have been through their up and down phase in this business, from rarely of materials, inks, and also monetary crisis itself. But, Alhamdulillah, they still survive even though a lot of batik-minor industry was shut-down during the crisis. Each family has unique design and theme with peacocks or garuda’s (eagle) in their stripes. This is the typical of Madura’s batik, but they usually use it for head-cap and scarf only, while Sidoarjo’s batik multifunction.


Washing The Batik by Afrinaldi Zulhen

Within this uniqueness, then, on May 3rd, 2008, Sidoarjo’s Regent inaugurated Kampong Batik Jetis as one of the leading tourist attraction in Sidoarjo. Today, Batik Sidoarjo also involved in several exhibitions around Indonesia and abroad. Hopefully the existence of this batik will be growing forever in the hand of Sidoarjo’s youth generation.

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