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Sunset Behind Rig

Sunset Behind Rig

28 November 2013 is a day that will not be forgotten Lirik people. Why? Because on that day, Kampar Block ownership shifted, from the private company to the public enterprises. Although it has not been fully detached, however, based on de-jure, people of Indragiri Hulu Regency will manage this 80 years old oil and gas blocks. For me, so many memories left in Lirik. This town, which located 158 km from Pekanbaru,  is a place where I learned everything. People’s warmth, and its familiarity society, indirectly colors my life. I spent 2.5 years in this town, working as a well service engineer. Here, also I began to start photograph and writing. I still remember the green stilt house where my inspiration created. That wooden house is located on a small hill, faced on a green valley towards the western side, and surrounded by shaded green trees. Some of them have more than half a century old. When sunrise comes, I can hear and see the sparrow chasing, making out, and talking each other on morning dew. But during the day, heavy vehicle bustles across East Sumatra Road which famous with it solid traffic. Evening is the time to indulge for those who want to sweat. They can play soccer, badminton, jogging, or just relax and enjoy the evening sun on the western horizon. I, more likely to spend time on the porch of the wooden house, with Kayuaro tea steeping in my side, enjoy listening Malay rhythm while watching nature works, until faint of adzan calls for maghrib pray.

Old Mosque Ar Rahman in Lirik

Old Mosque Ar Rahman in Lirik

According to history, Lirik was built by Stanvac (Standard Vacuum) workers from USA who dominated Indonesia’s oil since 1931. From Lirik under soil formation, million barrels of oil has been flown into company and automatically, spur on economic passion and development in this area. In point of fact, Lirik provide all the best social facilities in Riau, not in Pekanbaru which is the capital city. Let say Stanvac Hospital, Japura Airport, until all the pleasure inside Stanvac Employee Complex (now Pertamina own it) are the best, safest, and sophisticated building during that time.

Local Barbershop in Lirik Market

Local Barbershop in Lirik Market

Day by the month, months into the years, and years changes into decades. Lirik’s oil production is getting lower. All the luxurious facility slowly starting decrease and getting languish, following operational efficiency cost which applied by company after Stanvac. Lirik which once busy and massive, slowing down sly and feels like a half death-town. Cheap and easy electric power now is getting hard and similar with drink medicine, two times cut-off in a day.

My Green Stilt House in ex-Stanvac Camp

My Green Stilt House in ex-Stanvac Camp

However, Lirik still Lirik which for some people like me, still offering it charm and their multi ethnic solidarity. I still remember, I have a lot of friends who came from Jogja, but they able to speak Minang, Java, and Malay with smoothly. Ah..Lirik..If the times choose me, I want to breathe your dew-aroma after dawn. I miss adventure trip into deep jungle and visit traditional tribal of Talang Mamak in Binio. Or, I want to explore again, remain culture of Indragiri Kingdom, while enjoying delicious boiled fish food from Meduyan Lake. And I want…I don’t know, there are so much desire and memory that forces me to return in this town. Hopefully, in the best government hand, Lirik can return its glory, and my passion will be materialized.


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